Project Management Templates

Arranged by project stages

These are templates I’ve used in various projects. I don’t feel comfortable supplying completed versions as examples, as I don’t have permission to share names, and I don’t want to inadvertently share proprietary information.


– start of the project, define it broadly, name it.


– Here you figure out cost, scope, length, quality, communications, risks and resources. There’s an old axiom: you can have fast, cheap, or good – choose two.


– a project deliverable is developed and completed, using the above mapped-out plan. A lot of tasks during this phase capture project metrics through tasks like status meetings and project status updates, other status reports, human resource needs and performance reports.

Monitoring and Control

– occurring at the same time as the execution phase, this one mostly deals with measuring the project performance and progression in accordance to the project plan.

Issues Log Template
Risk Log Template


– A project is formally closed. It includes a series of important tasks such as delivering the product, relieving resources, reward and recognition to the team members and formal termination of contractors in case they were employed on the project.

Closure Report Template

A good mnemonic is: “In Projects, Every Monkey Counts Coconuts”
PM Cycle
Project Management Cycle

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