Courses Created

While in my current job, we’ve built two significant courses. On one, I was the technologist; on the other, I was both technologist and course creator. Both were built with Articulate Storyline within the Learning Cart Management System. Bringing up Learning Cart was also a project. Because the courses are for revenue, I am not comfortable with showing the actual courses, but below are some screen caps, as well as the initial course’s instructions, which were then imported into Storyline. LMS Landing Page: Course instructions

Content Analysis

I really enjoy getting under the hood of things. Content Analysis (CA) can be just as revealing for the users of the current content as it is to the IA working with them. Below is a snippet of a CA I did with the Center for Educational Leadership in preparation for their website migration. I don’t feel comfortable divulging everything that was on their site (as some of the areas are restricted/paywalled), hence the sample:

Information Architecture

This is part of an Information Architecture that I created based on a card sort. It is for an Intranet that is being revised. This is a picture of me working on a Drupal migration. On the walls, you can see large post-it sheets. We used them to build out the Information Architecture on the site for lower levels of the IA.

File Naming Conventions

This is a document that I created to assist with implementing a standardized naming convention for the Center for Educational Leadership. It borrows very heavily from the references cited. It wasn’t a document for wide distribution, and the cited sources were so good, there wasn’t really any reason to create something out of whole cloth. It is definitely tailored for the situation, with additional content added about their particular situation. Naming Conventions I also took