Paper Prototyping Example

When I was the IT Manager for the Rat City Roller Girls, we embarked on a project for both changing the structure and the hosting platform of their knowledge. They had actually begun the organization using a set of chat forums.

This worked well for quite some time – for each new subject, they’d create a new forum topic, rather like a file on a network share.

Then, they got big. It just didn’t scale anymore. There were too many forums, it was too hard to find things, and the UI wasn’t very good.

So we worked together on coming up with an IA that was more relevant, and chose a new platform (SharePoint at the time, no idea what they’re using now).

Of course, there was resistance to change, and we proposing change on multiple fronts.

Below is a paper prototype where we illustrated how we’d move people from the forum (which wasn’t going away for things of a temporal nature) over to the new SharePoint site (where things of a more permanent nature were stored).



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